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Signature Burrito Tray


10 Burritos cut into Halves. Your Choice of Meat

Serves 10 people

Burritos Include:
Lupes - Steak, Bacon, Grilled Onions, Cilantro, Guac and Chipotle Sauce
California - Fries, Carne Asada, Guacamole, Sour Cream, and Cheese
Mar Y Tierra - Steak, Shrimp, Whole Pinto Beans, Rice, Grilled Mozzarella Cheese and Chipotle Sauce
Smoked Tuna - Smoked Tuna, Grilled Mozzarella Cheese, Cabbage, Avocado Slices, White Sauce, Cilantro and Onion
Surf N Turf Burrito - Steak, Shrimp, Rice, Pico, Guac, Cabbage, Grilled Mozzarella Cheese, Avocado Slices and White Sauce
Mush-Shrimp Burrito - Shrimp, Mushrooms, Cabbage, Rice, Pico,Grilled Mozzarella Cheese, Avocado Slices and Chipotle Sauce
Lupes in Cali - Steak, Shrimp, Fries, Grilled Mozzarella Cheese, Pico and Chipotle Sauce
Fajitas Burrito - Your Choice of Steak or Chicken, Fajita Veggies, Cheese, Bacon, and Guacamole
Oceanside - Smoked Tuna, Shrimp, Octopus, Grilled Mozz Cheese, Cabbage, Onion, Cilantro, Avocado and White Sauce
Shrimp & Bacon - Shrimp, Bacon, Cheese, Rice, Fajita Veggies, and White Sauce
Hot Cheetos Burrito - Steak, Hot Cheetos, Guac, Sour Cream and Grilled Mozzarella Cheese


Select 10 Burritos
Lupes Burrito
California Burrito
Mar Y Tierra Burrito
Smoked Tuna Burrito
Surf N Turf Burrito
Mush-Shrimp Burrito
Lupes in Cali Burrito
Fajitas Burrito
Oceanside Burrito
Shrimp & Bacon Burrito
Hot Cheetos Burrito
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